The core values of DP GLOBAL  are above all respect, entrepreneurial spirit, reliability, and strong partnership

DP Global Trade Limited

4 Mount Pleasant
Westleigh - Tiverton
EX16 7HU
United Kingdom

DP GLOBAL TRADE is the owner of the Brand name “Active” Premium Cigarette Filters.
“Active” filters offer 100% safe, effective, and guaranteed disposable tar filters. This small and simple life-saving device provides intensive cigarette smoke purification. We use the most effective, multi-stage, mechanical method of cigarette smoke purification that drastically reduces tar, nicotine, and other hazards from smoking cigarettes without altering the taste of your cigarette. This is a revolutionary, disposable, advanced cigarette filter made of clear, safe top quality plastic.
It makes it easier for those trying to conquer their smoking addictions and quit.