Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, regular use of an Active filter may improve general well-being by reducing throat burn and cough. Besides, reduced tar intake may eventually contribute to cleaner teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath, and fewer nicotine-stained fingers.

Each cigarette filter is reusable. Once the colored area of the filter is full, replace it with a new one. the usual use is 4 – 6 cigarettes depending on personal preference. You can change the filter whenever you feel the need.

This small and simple life-saving device provides intensive cigarette smoke purification. We use the most effective, multi-stage, mechanical method of cigarette smoke purification that drastically reduces tar, nicotine, and other hazards from smoking cigarettes without altering the taste of your cigarette. This is a revolutionary, disposable, advanced cigarette filter made of clear, safe top quality food-grade plastic.

You will see from the very first cigarette that majority of the tar and nicotine is deposited in clear plastic filter.This will also affect you psychologically and make you smoke less

No. Only you can do that. But using the “Active” filter consistently will lower the majority of your consumption of tar and that makes it much easier to quit completely. Example: If you smoke a pack a day( 25 cigarettes ) using “Active” will lower your Tar and Nicotine to approximately what’s found in six cigarettes.

YES. If you choose to buy the “Active” extra slim which is 5.7mm in diameter. It is made for extra slim and roll your own cigarettes (rollups)

YES, it is laboratory proven that 8-hole mechanical smoke purification technology filters out more tar and nicotine compared to 4 or 6-hole older technology systems.”Active” tested and certified by the European Tobacco Institute for its effectiveness. Effectively reduces Tar 76 % and Nicotine 76, 9 %

The “Active” disposable cigarette filters work well with any kind of cigarette ( 8mm and extra slim 5,7mm )